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Posted by EFGStudios - July 8th, 2012

A little while back, several weeks before I ever heard of this site or registered upon it, I had an ambitious idea- get the largest single canvas my local art store carries and paint an enormous pre-selected image from my mind onto it. One large image from me, one giant canvas for mankind! Sounds easy right? (insert momentary maniacal laughter here.) Moment over.

If I lived in some kind of enormous mansion with lots of free space and money to flaunt, I might be more inclined to go the giant canvas route.

The truth is, I live in a condo of very small size in a very expensive area.

Anyway, there is an easy solution to my current conundrum: as long as I have the total size for that enormous canvas in mind, I can break it down to multiple smaller canvases that combine to make that one big one. I think I can find all of them for less than the $100 canvas price of the single large piece.

And then I can arrange them in a tile formation and do the painting and when I'm done I will say,

"It's not just ART, it's a TRANSFORMER!"

(If you don't get the quote, you obviously didn't see Spaceballs.)

Stay tuned next time!

Posted by EFGStudios - July 7th, 2012

Ok, I'm not talking about animation or writing right now or even painting on canvas. I'm talking about making a blanket by hand using yarn and a crochet hook. Such activity is an art and a science unto itself. And just like a good movie, a completed blanket always brings about pure satisfaction.

Stay tuned next time!

Posted by EFGStudios - June 9th, 2012

Hello Universe!
It's my day off from the office.

Don't let the term "day off" fool you.
Today I've already assisted with supervising an intense 2-hour rehearsal for an upcoming youth dance festival.
Next I'll be finishing up a blanket I've been making for a very young church friend. (I work fast.)
When that's done, there are always more artsy or craftsy projects that require my attention.

And back to the blanket.

Posted by EFGStudios - June 8th, 2012


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And now that I have your attention, hi there! ^_^
Glad to be here!

And now that I've said that, I've no idea what else to say at present so I'll be off without further ado.

Stay tuned next time!!